Psalm 1 – Rooted or Not, Here the Wind Comes!

Welcome to the Book of Psalms! For the next few months, we’re going to dive into this amazing songbook! Let’s turn in our hymnal to hymn number 1!


Happy are those
who do not follow the advice of the wicked,
or take the path that sinners tread,
or sit in the seat of scoffers;
but their delight is in the law of the Lord,
and on his law they meditate day and night.
They are like trees
planted by streams of water,
which yield their fruit in its season,
and their leaves do not wither.
In all that they do, they prosper.

The wicked are not so,
but are like chaff that the wind drives away.
Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment,
nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous;
for the Lord watches over the way of the righteous,
but the way of the wicked will perish.


I’ve been noticing lately that the Bible often compares people to trees and plants. John the Baptist does in Matthew 3, Jesus does in John 15, and Paul does in Romans 11. It’s quite possible that the author of this Psalm took his analogy from the same place John the Baptist, Jesus, and Paul did—nature!

Nature is truly God’s second book, and we can learn many lessons from studying it! Think of this illustration for a minute. We should be like trees, firmly planted by streams of water. We need to yield fruit in season (“You will know them by their fruits.” Matthew 7:16). Planted by the fountain of God’s love, our leaves won’t shrivel up and die!

Now look at what the psalmist (it’s a word that means the person who wrote the psalm) compares the wicked to—chaff that the wind drives away! According to Wikipedia (, chaff is “the dry, scaly protective casings of the seeds of cereal grain, or similar fine, dry, scaly plant material such as scaly parts of flowers, or finely chopped straw.” Basically, chaff is trash—garbage that blows from here to there depending on where the wind is blowing.

So what are you going to be? A solid tree, rooted and grounded in God’s love (Ephesians 3:17), or chaff, blown around by whatever seems  popular at the time? It’s totally your choice! If I were you, I’d choose the tree!

Stay grounded,

Timmy Baze 😀


Scripture quotations are from the New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved.



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