Psalm 101 – Me and My House Will Serve The Lord

This psalm is attributed to David. It sounds to me that this was his attitude in the beginning of his reign. He has zeal for God and wants to lift up the cross, let’s see what we can learn

I will sing of mercy and justice; To You, O Lord, I will sing praises. I will behave wisely in a perfect way. Oh, when will You come to me? I will walk within my house with a perfect heart. I will set nothing wicked before my eyes; I hate the work of those who fall away; It shall not cling to me. A perverse heart shall depart from me; I will not know wickedness. Whoever secretly slanders his neighbor, Him I will destroy; The one who has a haughty look and a proud heart, Him I will not endure. My eyes shall be on the faithful of the land, That they may dwell with me; He who walks in a perfect way, He shall serve me. He who works deceit shall not dwell within my house; He who tells lies shall not continue in my presence. Early I will destroy all the wicked of the land, That I may cut off all the evildoers from the city of the Lord. (Psalms 101:1-8 NKJV)

Wow, those are some intense things that David is going to do. But, I have one question, how can I make these applicable to me? I think the answer is, am I living up to the light God gave me?Before I can worry about what others are doing, I must worry about what I am doing. David as king had a huge responsibility to promote righteousness in his kingdom, so he had to set the example. What kind a example am I setting? My responsibility is to promote who God is, because the truth about God can change lives. The Bible says that we are open books that everyone can read by seeing our lives, what are they reading in the pages of our hearts? I want to invite you to pray with me and ask God for the zeal of David in this psalm and ask Him to help us live the truth so others may come to Jesus through our testimony.

Blessings, Dnieper Vegavillalobos

Scripture taken from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE®, Copyright © 1960,1962,1963,1968,1971,1972,1973,1975,1977,1995 by The Lockman Foundation. Used by permission.”


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