Psalm 122 – Glad To Be Here!

We all have certain places that we enjoy going to. When my brother and I were younger and my parents would tell us “we are going to your cousin’s house” we were filled with joy. But why was it that we enjoyed going!? Lets read on to see what David has to say about a similar situation…
I rejoiced with those who said to me,
    “Let us go to the house of the Lord.”
There are two things here that make going someplace special: the house or the people we are going to see. For our family, we were glad to go see the people. Sometimes it can be a place that we have a lot of fun being at, like an amusement park. One place I enjoy going to is church because we can spend time with God.  In the house of The Lord on a Sabbath day. But there are other places that we can enjoy going to to meet The Lord. For example, nature! : )
Let us like David feel the joy of going to the house of The Lord to stand in God’s presence and fellowship with His children! : )
God bless you and everyone around you,

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