Psalm 147 – Shine, God!

As I thought about what to write for this chapter, I decided to look up some of the definitions for the word rendered “praise.” The Hebrew word here is “halal” (pronounced “haw-lal”), which surprisingly has as, one of, and perhaps the most basic definition, “shine.” This devotional isn’t meant to be exegetical, just thought I’d throw that out there. Read on! 😀
Psalm 147
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This command is the opening and concluding statement of this chapter. Although a simple one, it’s so full of meaning. It’s in the present, for one, which would naturally indicate that it’s something that should take place constantly. But praise is and must be fueled by a sense of thanksgiving and appreciation for who One Is (I AM) and what They’ve done. In that sense, we pray “God, shine! Shine in our lives, today. Reveal to us the attractiveness of who You Are and open our eyes to see the wonders of your loving care for us in all aspects of our lives and the world around us.”
Once our eyes have been open, you can, as the Psalmist does in this chapter, tell of the breath-taking works that God has done, is doing, and will do!
Where have you seen God shine in your life, today? Comment below! 😀
Josue Hernandez

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