1 Corinthians 13 – Show Me the “Love”

Back in high school, I used to tutor a girl that was a good friend of mine in subjects she had no idea about. I remember one time in specific, I was trying to teach her a math concept over the phone and she wasn’t grasping the concept. She was quickly frustrated and began to shout on the other end, so much that I could have sworn I felt spit come out on my end. This in turn frustrated me and we began a waging war of name calling, from preschool name calling to… not-so-good name calling. This went on for a couple of minutes and I won’t lie, it got a bit personal for me. After all, who was this girl to question my intelligence?! I was the one tutoring her! I was ready to tell this girl that I never wanted to see her in my lifetime again. But suddenly, there was dead silence on the phone. I was totally bewildered and asked what was wrong. She chuckled sheepishly and said “I get what you were saying now. I was wrong. Sorry.”

1 Corinthians 13 is said to be the chapter of “love”, but deeper than that, it is instructions on how to live the Christian life. The first three verses give us a picture of what deeds are without love; deeds without love are like a present box without a present inside. It just makes us look good on the outside, but we do it to serve ourselves on the inside. Then verses four to eight describe what true “love” looks like. It’s patient, kind, and humble. It protects, tells the truth, perseveres, forgives and forgets, hopes, and rejoices in good. Man, doesn’t that sound like Christ?! I think sometimes, we forget in order to live the Christian lifestyle, we have to be Christ-like in ALL aspects and demonstrate it EVERYWHERE.

1 Corinthians 13

Needless to say, I apologized to that girl and we went on in our session. But it was a valuable lesson to me. I learned to be more patient and kind with her because if I reacted negatively, we would end up in an endless cycle of name calling. Many people have no respect for Christians because although they may have the truth and can point you to salvation, they are total jerks about it and respect no one but themselves. This isn’t the Jesus we see in the Bible, so why don’t we demonstrate who He really is and what His love looks like? But how? It’s starts with our daily actions and how we go about our day. When God is finally present in our lives, people will come and try to figure out the joy in our lives and why nothing tears us down. You’ll feel like a renewed soul and others will come to Christ because of your commitment to Him! It’s not easy, but when we’re cemented in Jesus, nothing can take us down. Let God into your heart and become Christ-like!

Peace and blessings,



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