Romans 8 – I Don’t Know What to Say!

Ever had one of those moments when you didn’t know what to say?

Recently I sat in front of my computer trying to think of what to say. I was preaching the next morning, and I couldn’t decide what to preach. I knew what my title was, and I knew what text I was preaching from, but I couldn’t decide how to address the content, what lessons to pull from it, and what the final appeal would be. I had had an idea a while back for a sermon on this same passage, but I was having second thoughts. I prayed about it, and worked on something else. Finally, it was getting late and I had to write down something! I opened a blank Word document and started to write, using my original idea. I kept writing and writing. Soon I realized that in less than 12 hours, I would be done preaching the sermon that I hadn’t finished yet, but I kept praying, studying, and writing. I went to sleep that night unhappy with what I had written, but I knew I had to use that sermon.

The next morning I drove the windy road to the little church I was preaching at. I prayed again, asking for God to speak through me, despite my last-minute “Friday night special.” Then I got up to preach. The congregation liked it! They laughed understandingly as I described the points that I had written. Some came up to me afterwards and told me that what I had preached was something new to them, and something that touched their hearts. All I could say was “Praise God!” I knew that I couldn’t take any credit! I couldn’t create something like that on my own—God had to have inspired it! He “translated” my thoughts into something that was able to bless others.

Romans 8The Holy Spirit does the same thing with our prayers. Check out this incredible verse from Romans 8:

Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.
Romans 8:26

This verse means that we don’t really know how to pray, and we don’t really know what we need, but the Holy Spirit does. When we pray, He asks the Father for what we really need.

When it comes to prayer, don’t worry about not knowing how to pray, or what to say—just pray! The Holy Spirit will ask for what you need, and God will give you the desires of His heart, which should also be your own heart!

Praying for all of you,

Timmy Baze 😀


Scripture portions taken from the Holy Bible, English Standard Version, Copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers.


2 thoughts on “Romans 8 – I Don’t Know What to Say!

  1. When we think we have it in the bag, we find that there is a gaping hole in the bottom. It seems my best sermons have been the ones I have felt the most inadequate. I suppose it because those have been the ones I have cried out to God the most on…

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