1 Chronicles 8 – Isn’t it Wonderful?

An old preacher lay on his bed, struggling to breathe, struggling to stay alive. He had called for the young pastor-in-training to visit him, and he was supposed to be there at any minute. The man’s tired eyes tried to stay open as he waiting for the young man to arrive. Finally, there was a knock at the door.

“Come in,” the dying man could barely say.

The young man came in and the two contrasting figures talked for a while. Finally, the old pastor asked the young pastor-in-training if he would read to him from the Bible—his eyes couldn’t see well enough to focus on the words in his tattered, large print, King James Version Bible.

“Of course! What would you like me to read?” said the young man.

He figured he would read Psalm 23, John 14, or Revelation 21—the usual passages of hope that people often requested. Soon, the young pastor found himself stumbling over these words:

Now Benjamin begat Bela his firstborn, Ashbel the second, and Aharah the third, Nohah the fourth, and Rapha the fifth. And the sons of Bela were, Addar, and Gera, and Abihud, and Abishua, and Naaman, and Ahoah, and Gera, and Shephuphan, and Huram.
1 Chronicles 8:1-5

Finally the young man, exhausted and confused, and thinking the old man must be terribly confused, blurted out the final inspiring words, “All these are of the sons of Benjamin” (verse 40).

The old man looked relaxed and peaceful. “Isn’t it wonderful?” he said with a smile on his face.

“Wonderful??” thought the young man. “Isn’t WHAT wonderful? That’s the most uninspiring chapter of the Bible that I’ve ever read—out loud of all things!” But instead of arguing, he asked the old preacher to clarify, “I’m sorry?”

“Isn’t it wonderful that all these people are listed here in God’s word?”

“Not really,” thought the young man, but he kept silent.

“If God cares so much about these people to put their names in the Bible—His holy word—then I know he surely cares for me!”

1 Chronicles 8

Be at peace today, my friends, knowing that God surely cares for you,

Happy Sabbath,

Timmy Baze 😀


Scripture portions taken from the King James Version. Public Domain



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