1 Chronicles 23 – Praise Takes Dedication

1 Chronicles 23When I was younger, I had a hard time singing in our music time because the music, at the time, was so boring. We sat in the back of church as the “cool kids” and I usually talked with my friends, texted each other on our archaic phones (and before that, we passed notes around. Can you believe we actually used paper to communicate?!), and played around with harmony. I wasn’t into the music or even paid attention to the lyrics. It seemed whatever to me and I was fine with that. However, my spiritual life wasn’t all too great and when I suffered trials or temptations, I wasn’t rock solid. I had a bumpy and rough road and when life brought on its tides, I was swept away. As I grew older, I matured and really began to take my praise time seriously and it seemed I had more strength to resist the hardships of life. I listened to the lyrics of not just contemporary music, but hymns too, and found I actually enjoyed some! What a shock!

In this chapter, David sets apart twenty-four thousand for the house of the Lord and begins naming their jobs. Something I found interesting was that he set apart four thousand solely for the purpose of praise in verse five. I pondered on that a bit and wondered, “Why would he need four thousand men for praise? Couldn’t he just do that with a few men? And specifically for that? So weird!” But it got me thinking: David must have understood the importance of praise. He must have understood that we may pray, study the Bible, and go to church- but if we don’t set apart a specific time to praise Him, our spirituality takes a hit! When we praise Him, it gives us time to reflect on His goodness, how incredible our God, and how awesome his character is. We praise Him for who He is and not just what He does for us. But that doesn’t mean we can only praise Him with music. We can praise Him with simple words, poetry, or anything within our ability as long as we do it with heart. So remember- set some time to praise God! Our praises please Him and strengthen our relationship with Him! We become stronger Christians and show others how God is able to change our lives!

Peace and Blessings,


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