2 Chronicles 2 – Who Am I?

2 Chronicles 2When I was in high school, my school decided that they were going to start doing the morning announcements on TV. Back then not many schools had this system of announcements, so for us to do it like that was exciting. As I registered for classes, I decided to apply for the job not knowing what would happen. Eventually I was the one who would read the announcements on TV for the whole school. During my last two high school years, everybody knew who Boris Reyes was. The popularity was nice, until I graduated and no one knew who I was in college. This showed me that it didn’t matter who I was in high school, the world was a lot bigger than I had experienced, thus showing me that my popularity in high school really was of no lasting value. Similarly, Solomon was able to set himself aside and realize that there was a king far greater than he was. When we think of Solomon, we remember his great wisdom, influence and his power. Being the son of King David didn’t hurt either when it came to Solomon’s greatness. However, all this was nothing compared to the greatness and magnificence of God. As Solomon planned to build the temple, he realized that he could not really build a house for God, instead he could only build a place to honor Him.

“But who is able to build Him a house, since heaven, even highest heaven, cannot contain Him? Who am I to build a house for Him, except as a place to make offerings before Him?” (2 Chronicles 2:6)

Many are blessed with great skill and gifts of all sorts. Some of these skills and gifts may even be filled with greatness; but in God’s eyes they mean nothing if not used to honor Him. Solomon knew that his greatness really meant nothing, if with it he did not honor God. Instead of building a house for God to live in, as if God were homeless, Solomon realized that all greatness, all gold and silver and anything that is of value already belongs to God. Therefore he built a place to make offerings instead. In his time it was animal sacrifices.

Today, our lives, our skills, our talents and anything of greatness can be brought to God as an offering for His glory. What do you think is most important? To occasionally try to do things for God, or to do everything to honor Him?

Boris Reyes


Scripture portions taken from the Holy Bible, English Standard Version, Copyright © 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers.

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