2 Chronicles 5 – To Make One Sound To Be Heard

2 Chronicles 5The dedication of the Temple in ancient Israel, is the focus of this chapter. There are a few details of the glorious event not mentioned in the book of Kings. Our focus is on 2 Chronicles 5:13.

It is interesting to note not only the spiritual description of the ceremony, but also of the participants, which parallels our own experience today. We covenant our lives to God, and turn them over to Him so that He might dwell within us and be glorified by our lives.

Music and praise has been a part of worship for some time. Music has been expressed in a variety of ways, reflecting the moment and the spiritual integrity, sometimes simply by a capella. However the mode, it has been in praise of a mighty God in the individual life.

We find in verse 13 something that is uniquely connected to Pentecost and to the individual life, from the time when it is first turned over to God and throughout the Christian life.

The people raised their voices in joyous praise to God with grateful remembrance of their deliverance from sin and from ‘Egypt.’ We realize our salvation by the tender mercies of God through all that He has given to us through Jesus Christ. As we do this, we will find us ALL united in purpose, united in cause and united in faith to our God, praising the Lord, for “He is good; for His mercy endureth forever. . . .”

It is at that moment, when we are totally convicted and dedicated to God no matter the personal cost, that we glorify God together. Then the LORD fills us with His presence and He is glorified. His good pleasure is to be with us through His Son Jesus Christ and to make us whole through the Holy Spirit.

“It came to pass, as the trumpeters and singers were AS ONE, to make ONE SOUND to be heard in praising and thanking the Lord . . . that THEN the house was FILLED with a cloud. Even the house of the Lord”

Bill Cude

Scripture portions quoted from the King James Version. Public Domain.


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