2 Chronicles 18 – Seeking the Lord in All Matters & Obeying

2 Chronicles 18A lot of territory is covered in this chapter regarding Ahab the king of Israel and Jehoshaphat. The element of discussion is regarding the loyalty to God displayed by Jehoshaphat and how one misstep can change the course of history.

Our focus is on the agreement between Ahab and Jehoshaphat, to enter into a war with Syria. Usually not an issue, the entering into an agreement with another about something, but this was different.

Jehoshaphat entered into this agreement after the king of Israel, overwhelmed the king of Judah with gifts, honor and hospitality. Then, when the two kings sat down to discuss matters of state, the kings agreed on the terms of an alliance.

Only one problem: Jehoshaphat was a godly king, and had honored the Lord continually before the people of Judah. Up to this point, had sought the Lord on all matters and obeyed the voice of the Lord when His will was revealed through the prophets. The people of the kingdom and the king himself, had enjoyed the gifts of God’s hand as a result of benevolent worship and obedience.

The king, realizing he had entered into an agreement with the king of Israel to wage war with Syria, without the counsel of the Lord, sought the prophet of the Lord.

Upon hearing the voice of the prophet Micaiah, and the will God foretelling the result of the war and not to follow through with their plans, both kings went forward, anyway. Jehoshaphat felt, since he gave his word, that he felt obligated to fulfill his commitment to the king of Israel.

Had Jehoshaphat heeded the words of the prophet, the outcome would have changed.

In the end, the king of Israel was slain by an arrow, the armies of Israel went home as sheep without a shepherd and Jehoshaphat returned to his kingdom.

The point of this object lesson: to seek the Lord in all matters of life, large choices and decisions as well as the small and trite. Being mindful of His presence always, be mindful of His will continually–being mindful of God–period.

Bill Cude