2 Chronicles 21 – The God of Covenants

2 Chronicles 21A human may be tempted to leave or quit when all hope is gone, or when the situation has become as dark as midnight. Praise be to God that He is not a human like us. When all rays of hope are lost, God is always hopeful for humankind because no matter how bad the situation gets, He is in control. In the darkest of nights a beam of Light pierces the shadows of doom. This light originates from the Heart of God, a love so strong that the most terrible storm cannot be put out.

Yet the Lord was not willing to destroy the house of David because of the covenant which He had made with David, and since He had promised to give a lamp to him and his sons forever.
2 Chronicles 21:7

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Let’s list how dark the reign of King Jehoram of Judah became:

  1. Murdered all his brothers (vs 4)
  2. Walked in the ways of the Kings of Israel, especially Ahab (vs 6)
  3. Did evil before the Lord (vs 6)
  4. Forsook the God of his fathers (vs 10)
  5. Built high places (vs 11)
  6. Caused the Jerusalemites to play the harlot (11)
  7. Led Judah astray (11)

If God was a man, He would have forsaken the nation of Israel; not only because of what Jehoram did but what the nation had done to His love, protections, and blessings. However, God is not a man!!! Even though Israel was unfaithful to Him and the situation seem hopeless, God’s purposes will come to completion. His covenant with David was rooted in the promise that He made Adam and Eve. One day a Savior will come from the lineage of David to ransom the human race from sin. No matter how bad David’s descendants were, there would always be a way for God to intervene to accomplish His promises. So when things look bad in your life or around you remember what God has promised you. No matter how bad it gets, God will fulfill His covenant with you!!!


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