2 Chronicles 35 – Generation after Generation after Generation

2 Chronicles 35300 years of idolatry had taken their toll on the characters and hearts of the men and women of Judah. They had been forgetting the character of God, forgetting the deliverance of the Lord, not recognizing the voice of God and worshiping the abominations of all the surrounding countries. God had been all but forgotten by His own people. The darkest recesses of the heart and soul are darkened by the lack of light that God provides.

In the 13th year of Josiah’s reign, he called upon the people of God to follow the Lord. Josiah destroyed the temples of idolatry that had distracted the children of Israel for so long. He sought further to establish the faith of Judah in God by holding a great Passover. Following the Book of the Law and the provision for sacred sacrifice, the country worshiped freely unto the Lord. This Passover celebration, to remember the deliverance of the Lord, was the greatest ever to be offered. After this reminder, once again the memories, hearts and souls of the people were filled with the knowledge that the Lord God is merciful, kind and loving.

The zeal of the good King Josiah could not atone for the generations before. The sins of generations past could not be atoned for by the piety of the king. Nor did His benevolence effect a change of heart in those that would not turn away from the sins of prior generations.

Years later, the kingdom continued to worship the Lord, and Josiah continued to reign as the good king. Eventually the king went to war with the advancing armies of the Egyptians. The Lord spoke to Josiah and warned him not to fight this fight. Josiah did not heed the voice of the Lord, and not obeying the warnings, died in battle at Megiddo.
King Josiah was returned to the tombs of his family. There was no other king greater than Josiah, bringing reform to Judah when no one else could. His son, Jehoahaz, was anointed by the people and this generation returned to the evil that existed before Josiah. It is written that Josiah had turned to the Lord with all his heart, and with all his soul, and with all his might according to the law of Moses. And now, with an evil king and the return of idolatry, the time was approaching when Jerusalem would be destroyed and the children of God taken into captivity, eventually returning to God under less favorable conditions.

Is ours the generation that will break the bondage of sin?

Bill Cude


5 thoughts on “2 Chronicles 35 – Generation after Generation after Generation

    • Amen Timmy…the Word is a two edged sword and when I read this chapter and meditated upon it…I asked the question upon myself…this generation…

  1. I couldn’t agree more with Timmy’s comment! The question you ended your devotion with was just perfect in timing! “Is ours the generation that will break the bondage of sin?” It’s a rhetorical question and definitely leaves me to think.

    Not only is it intriguing, but it is also inspiring as well! In a way, it inspires me to do my own part of breaking the bondage of sin by showing kindness and Jesus’ love to other people!

    Thank you for this devotion!

    Yours truly,
    Ramon 😀

    • Ramon, appreciate your comments…remembering that it is not of our own ability but that of God’s that will loosen the bonds of sin
      that we might escape the great deception and be found of character fitted for heaven…sanctification is the work of the Spirit that will loosen the bonds as we reach up for the hand of God…Blessings brother…

    • Timmy…yes…it does cause us to search our hearts…once again the two edged sword sliced apart of self from my heart as I read and meditated on this chapter…will I be apart of the generation that becomes purified…only through Christ…

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