Death as Gain

Based on Philippians 1:18-30

Philippians 1.18-30Dear reader, how do you look at death? Is it a cause of fear or a thing to be looked at as loss?

Paul declared boldly, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.”

This passage shows what it truly means to live and how we should look at death. Paul expressed a desire to depart, for the very next thing he would see would be his reward–being with Christ for all of eternity. Death is conclusively shown, from Scripture, to be nothing but a rest from our labors (Revelation 14:13) wherein the thoughts perish and the body returns to the dust of the ground (Psalm 146:4) awaiting–in a sleep–its resurrection when Jesus shall come again for His own (John 5:28-29; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17). In sleep, there is no consciousness of what is happening. When the soul awakes, though much time has passed, it will have felt like an instant. God holds precious the death of His saints (Psalm 116:15) because they are eternally out of the reach of temptation and the horrors of this world that is soon to pass away. The wisest man to live before Christ told us that better is the day of one’s death than their birth (Ecclesiastes 7:1), for the troubles of the one that died in the Lord are forever over, but the troubles for any newborn are just beginning as they sojourn in this wicked world. At a funeral, it is we who are still alive for whom we should be crying, according to Scripture, not the one resting in peace.

However, Paul knew that it was more needful to those alive that he remain with them for their furtherance and that their joy in the Lord may wax greater (verse. 24-25) . God has you alive for a purpose, and that purpose is only gained through feasting upon the Bread of Life and drinking deeply of His Spirit–opening the heart wide and submitting to the meek and lowly Jesus. Paul counsels us in this passage how to live–to live in one spirit and mind, striving for the faith of the gospel (verse 27). With faith resting firmly as an anchor within the veil, the feet stand immovable to all outward assaults and wiles of undercurrent that the enemy moves upon others to do in seeking to destroy the confidence and lives of those who trust in the God of Jacob. This confidence sticks as a witness against the evildoers that there is a power from on high sustaining those against whom they fight (verse 28). We may behold the conflicts and strength granted to Him that speaketh to us, and gain confidence in the times of trouble through such (verses 29-30).

May you live in Christ and count death as gain,

Jeffrey Maxwell


3 thoughts on “Death as Gain

  1. Reblogged this on Grace and commented:
    I love the statement ‘death is just rest from our labors’ and that’s true both physically and spiritually. When you are born again, you die to your flesh which means you can rest from the labor of being under the law! Great post from In Christ Alone Devotions

  2. I love this devotion! It reminds me that there really is nothing to fear about death. Death is merely a “rest from our labors” as you’ve mentioned. If you ask me, falling asleep and waking up in the kingdom of God is a pretty sweet deal! It’s very comforting to know about this! Thank you for sharing this Jeffery! God bless! 😀

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