Where is Your Beauty?

Based on Esther 1

Esther 1Where do you find your glory?

King Ahasuerus sought to impress his subjects through a display of extravagance, outward pomp, and great riches. Then, as he got carried away by drunkenness, he sought to glorify himself by showing off his wife’s beauty. Intemperance benumbed the senses to cause this unwise move on the king’s part, but Vashti did the wise thing in refusing to heed the king’s command. However, instead of coming to his senses, the king listened to bad company and commanded to “give her royal estate unto another that is better than she.”

In contrast to the selfish motives that moved Ahasuerus to glorify himself by wanting to flaunt his queen like a trophy, the King of kings wishes to display the beauty of His character in the church to the universe that they may behold what His love can do for fallen creatures, that He may be glorified.  In making us His witnesses, the Lord expects that His bride will display her beauty “for it was” created “perfect through my comeliness, which I had put upon thee, saith the Lord GOD,”1 that it may glorify her Lord. God expects her to bear the sweet and precious fruit of the Spirit, and allow her light to shine through genuinely good works. This inward beauty is what God is after, not the outward as Ahasuerus. However, if she refuses to be the light to the world that she is called to because her eye is not single to His glory, she should not expect that it is needful for God to keep his favor over her. Throughout the ages of the church on earth, this principle has always been faithfully carried out. As the Jewish nation of old refused to be a good light to the world, she destroyed herself. Then, as the apostolic church became corrupted through departing from the simplicity of the gospel and partaking of a worldly spirit, she became that great Harlot decked with jewels and painted face, maddened upon the slaughter of those who dare dissent from her.2

We are in very grave danger of following the same path today. We may find a sense of security in the fellowship of church and a knowledge of the truth, yet without being a proper light to the world in spirit and action and refusing to come to the call, our estate will be given to another. Therefore say not within yourselves, I am the bride of Christ, and am no widow, and shall see no hurt, and I am due honor and riches and favor from the King; for I say unto you, God is able to take unto Himself them that shall reverence and serve–thus love–with undivided heart and bring forth the genuine fruit of His Spirit. Neither say within yourselves, We are the remnant; for God is able to raise unto Himself a people more than willing to obey His testimonies out of the rocks all around.

May you glory in nothing save the comeliness of the Lord,

Jeffrey Maxwell


3 thoughts on “Where is Your Beauty?

  1. Lovely, What warmth it brings to the heart and mind to be reminded over and over again of just where our concentration is needed at this point in time. So much is at the ready to distract us.

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