The Brushing Away by God’s Own Hand

Based on Esther 8

Esther 8In rapid succession, events that followed the decree by Haman, to kill the Jews of the land, took place.
These events could only be the brushing away of man’s futile attempts to undo the Lord ‘s work among His people. The resulting events were physical attributes of correcting the wrongs, by a God that moved with Spiritual Power across the lands and the souls of the people. The impact changed a kingdom.

Esther appeared before the king, appealing for mercy towards the Jews of the land. The king showed favor towards Esther in an unprecedented response to a woman that approached the King in such a manner, pleading for the lives of commoners. Mordecai was acknowledged in public appreciation as Haman was ridiculed for his plot against the King and the kingdom.

The people were penitent before God and God brushed aside the evil that had come to fill the land and struck down the fear that seemed to contaminate the air.

As a result of this powerful display of a favorable God, the people of the kingdom soon became Jews, perhaps out of fear of the Jewish God, and the new found confidence of the Jewish people. But, it did give thought to the idea that there is a God, that this God is the Creator of the universe, and this God genuinely cares for His people, as they called upon Him. Desiring that those that called upon Him would call daily, He cannot but turn His head towards them when He hears their cry.

Not only did the King allow the Jews to defend themselves. But it was the evidence before them that they knew they did not need to defend themselves. God was their Defender.

Today, we are the Mordecai’s of the land. We are called to defend Truth, such as the Sabbath, and prepare for the last great conflict that is upon this land, even today. Have we already forgotten Revelation 12:17?

“. . . The dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.”

Standing with the Mordecai’s of the end time generation,

Bill Cude


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