Proverbs 15 – “Before Exaltation … Humility”

Proverbs 15 - Before Exaltation, HumilityWith the continued collection of proverbs in chapter 15, we find wisdom in the principles of diligence, honesty, thrift, temperance and purity as the basis of true success for the Christian.

It is when genuine love for others fills the soul, that can we answer with words that will calm and heal the most distraught or the angriest of persons. That same level of sincere love for others will guide and counsel as the opportunity presents itself to respond with a divine gentleness that will direct the misguided energies to a higher plane of love. Your relationship with God will find its deepest recesses in the soul as we see each other as Christ sees us. As the mind of Christ manifests itself in the believer, the character and mind are filled with God’s wisdom, gifted to the faithful through the Son by the Holy Spirit.

When the Christian allows anxiety to overcome the mind and when the spirit is broken by continual sorrow of the heart, resistance is weakened and the mind may be broken. Whereas, the glad contented heart forgets the troubles of the past and looks forward with joy and confidence to a future promised in the loving care of our heavenly Father.

As our minds are fortified with the principles of wisdom, we are apt to give a reply or give wise counsel to those that are in despair, lonely, confused, and even the most despondent. The joy that is realized is not of man’s making but of God’s. There is joy in heaven as we confess our God before man, to share the transformation of character as it becomes more like that which we behold.

Becoming wise on the matters of the heart and soul is to know personal humility, not as a weakness, but as a strength. Expressing emotional control, gives testimony that the heart is also controlled and given to wisdom, as the natural man is filled with the wisdom of God, expressed by the soft word, gentle hand and wise discourse. Humility does not judge the circumstances of the individual, but seeks to help the individual navigate through the circumstances of judgment.

In the example of Christ, His humility and suffering came before great exaltation. We too, are exalted as we bow in humility through personal suffering as we follow the revelation of Wisdom in the life of Christ.

“The fear of the Lord, is the instruction of wisdom; and before honour is humility.” Proverbs 15:33

 Bill C


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