Proverbs 21 – To God Be the Glory

Proverbs 21 - To God Be the GloryI’m sure you’ve sung that song multiple times. “To God Be the Glory!” Here at my college, this song is often the choice for our Senior Recognition service, thanking God for the way He led us through four (or more) years of college. And it just hit me—this year I’ll be marching down the aisle as a graduate from college! As I look back on my four years of college, and my 12 years of prior schooling, I realize that God is the One who deserves the credit for guiding me through.

As I was looking at Proverbs 21, the very last verse really jumped out at me:

The horse is made ready for the day of battle,
but the victory belongs to the Lord.
Proverbs 21:31

It’s a lot of work getting a horse ready for anything. When I work at Camp Wawona, I usually end up spending at least an afternoon helping with the horses. I love them, but there sure are lots of steps in preparing a horse for riding. Imagine, then, what it took to prepare a horse for battle!

What Solomon is saying here is that, no matter how hard it seems we work on things here on earth, the real credit goes to God who gives us the energy and ability. It’s easy to take credit for ourselves, but we need to remember to thank God for what He is doing through us.

Solomon is also reminding us that all our work won’t bring us the victory. Salvation is by grace through faith—not of works! We can prepare for battle all we want, but we really have no control over whether we win or not. We have to depend entirely on God, because we are so incredibly weak. He is the only One who can win the battle for us.

God ought to get all the credit and glory, because everything we are able to do is actually Him working through us.

Johann Sebastian Bach, the famous Baroque composer, had a habit of writing the initials S. D. G. at the bottom of all his sacred pieces of music, and some of his secular ones as well. What did this secret code mean? Soli Deo Gloria, which means, To God Alone Be the Glory.

May you continually be amazed at the majesty and glory of His name, and ask Him to live inside of you,

Timmy Baze 😀


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