Proverbs 24 – Search and Rescue[r]

Proverbs 24 - Search and RescueProverbs 24:11 reads, “Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.”

When sharing the gospel a common and almost immediate obstacle appears in the psyche of humankind. Such interference (I’d imagine) affects all of Christendom, all believers, at some point, and it’s often expressed through the utterance of a simple question, “How?”

Jesus’ discourse in Matthew 28 about making disciples of all the nations – everyone – involves the transmittal of a foundational gospel truth to the world: God seeks to rescue humanity from eternal death, in Jesus.

This being the case, what then becomes of the “How?” often posed by Christians when sharing the gospel? I find that Proverbs 24:11 helps us wrestle with this, and asks: How are we to rescue those headed toward death and slaughter; and can we?

In the process of evangelizing, we’re often caught up with the challenge of piercing through the philosophical, cultural, sociological, etc. constructs of the world and the people we minister to, in order to make a difference – to rescue. Add to this reality the constantly fluxing world we live in, and we end up retrograding to the same question, “How?”

While it’s a good question to ask as we seek to “rescue those who are being taken away to death.” I’m reminded that we are not the Redeemer! We are a search party. Period. And in the process of reaching (aka sharing the gospel), we at best direct others to God’s rendezvous point, Jesus. That is all.

Here’s an anecdote that I’ll end with, not to make a theological claim, but as invitation for us to further explore this idea:

Suppose a bus was barreling down a busy city street toward a crowd of people gathered for a mass-public festival. You among a few others are the only ones to have noticed this. How will you tell the people that there’s a bus speeding toward them?

Regardless of our ideas, one thing remains. We are Jesus’ search and rescue team, but being part of the rescue does not make us the rescuer! Only He’s the Savior!

Peace, my friends! 🙂

Ruben Vargas


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