Proverbs 25 – The Empty Clouds of Anger

Proverbs 25It is the glory of God to be infinite and therefore to conceal much from the finite and sin-darkened minds of men. The heavens themselves are unsearchable for depth and height, as the heart of the earth is unknown as to its core and substance.

We search for Truth in the Word of God, and we are blessed to receive it. But the depth of that Truth is ever revealed with each word and the contemplation of its application. As Christians, we are patient with each other and our enemies. It is by the revealed Truth that we reveal the Giver of life.

Our words, actions and demeanor can either calm the dissatisfied or cut hard to the core of each character. As we study and meditate upon the Truth, we have a responsibility to God, to others and to ourselves to apply the Truth as a healing balm, a soft touch upon the heart and a whisper to the ear.

When we put our own works above that which God has accomplished for us for salvation, we then no longer become fountains of life, but become bitter and muddied. Then the Truth is no longer evident and the assurance of salvation that once touched the longing soul, no longer refreshes us with Hope.

We have been forgiven so much, each of us. When we assimilate the life and words of Christ into our characters and responses, we reflect that which we have beheld. The Spirit of the Lord draws men unto Him. No longer are our opinions or our take on spiritual matters important. Then our personal experience of the Truth, our witness of the transforming power of God, is made evident to those that would observe. What is important is no longer our lives, but His, no longer our words, but His, no longer our works of salvation, but the salvation that is God’s alone, provided through Christ.

When we put our works of salvation above the salvation that is God’s, we become empty clouds. We become angry instead of compassionate. We seek our own gratification, instead of the gratifying Spirit of God. We thus become empty, angry clouds, instead of clouds of life giving refreshing rains.

“If thine enemy be hungry, give him bread to eat; and if he be thirsty, give him water to drink.” Proverbs 25:21

Bill Cude


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