Proverbs 31- V points

Proverbs 31This chapter in Proverbs was written by King Lemuel of Massa who tells us what his mother taught him about being a decent young man and a choosing a virtuous wife.

Who is the “virtuous woman” of Proverbs 31:10? The mother has in mind a godly woman or the ideal wife. In my early college years I was really afraid of the idea of marriage. Some called marriage “prison for life.” My spiritual mother talked to me about marriage and wanted me to be a virtuous woman by the time I got married. Even though I agreed with what she said, the idea was just frightening. How could I reach such ideal? In the years prior I had developed ugly habits and I just thought the concept of marriage was too hard for me to understand. But this time I wanted to be the woman God wanted me to be which caused me to start investing time in my personal growth, reading, and looking for wisdom.

The word virtuous means “morally excellent.” It’s interesting, because that word scares us women as much as it may scare men. For us, being a virtuous woman seems like a really high standard to achieve and for men, women like that seem intimidating. However, we can all be the virtuous women that God want’s us to be by His grace and men don’t worry–God knows best. Virtuousness is not pictured as an unreachable ideal but very practical and approachable by woman who could become life long companions. My friends introduced this idea of V-Points, meaning Virtuous Points. When a person (male or female) shows a quality of moral excellence we can give them a V-point. It’s a way we encourage ourselves to become better people. But if you have ever felt like you are not there yet, take time to practically apply verses 10-31 and listen to the voice of God. I am going to list a couple of the practical things you can start with: learn to be trustworthy, do good to others (even when it is not convenient), be honest, learn to work with a positive attitude, learn to provide healthy food, learn gardening skills, be wise in how you spend your money, gain strength in all your weak areas, practice selflessness, learn a craft (like sewing), dress for comfort and modesty. This is just a list, but God has a plethora of things He would like to show you personally. I have learned that it takes time to develop a virtuous character, so enjoy this time of growth and get your V-points! 🙂

For the men, Lemuel’s mother warns young men about staying away from drinking alcohol. Today, there are tons of scientific studies that show the negative effects of drinking alcohol and drugs. Those things are dangerous and hurtful, God wants to make you into a decent young man.

May you carry a teachable attitude and a sensitive ear to the plans God has for you.

-Alejandra Zepeda


2 thoughts on “Proverbs 31- V points

  1. The first step to being virtuous women is to have the God of virtue living in our hearts! From there, He gives us the grace to act out of that virtuous nature! I love how He never asks us to be something without giving us the power to get there! It stops being a list of rules and begins being a relationship with the One who loves us most. Great post!

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