Complete Healing (Mark 2:1-12)

Mark 2.1-12Jerry was paralyzed for life. He had no use of his legs, limited use of his arms, but a heart of gold! He had been paralyzed because of an accident. He and some friends had been diving around off rocks into a swimming hole, and Jerry dove in and hit his neck on the shallow rocks below. One choice that could’ve been better, and Jerry’s life was changed forever. I wonder if Jerry ever hated himself for that choice he made to dive into that water that sunny afternoon. But even the man in the story found in Mark 2:1-12 must have felt even more guilty!

See, this man not only knew that he had made a bad choice, and that it got him paralyzed. He believed with all his heart that the choice he had made was sinful, and that God would never forgive him. He couldn’t walk, couldn’t move, and thought he was bound for hell.

Then he saw Jesus. After a roundabout way of getting into the house, thanks to some faithful friends, the man was looking up at that face full of love and grace. “Son,” said Jesus, “Your sins are forgiven.”

“Forgiven? How could my sins be forgiven?” The priests had told him that he could never be forgiven! But this Man, this Jesus, He spoke with authority—and the man knew that it must be true. From that moment on, the man was content to die. He was content to go home and live the rest of his life paralyzed. He would still be happy simply knowing that his sins were all forgiven. He let those thoughts sink in, as some religious leaders argued with Jesus about something.

Then Jesus turned back to the man. “Get up, pick up your bed, and walk!”

“Walk? I haven’t walked in years? I can’t walk—doesn’t He remember?” But again, He spoke with such authority that the man knew Jesus must be right. The man tried to wiggle a toe—and he could!! He tried to move his leg—and he could! He tried to sit up, and then he stood up! Jesus had healed him—not only physically but spiritually and mentally as well! From that moment on, that man’s life was changed forever.

Do you need healing? If you’ve suffered from a physical ailment—look to Jesus! If you’ve suffered from mental despair or depression—look to Jesus! If you’ve suffered spiritual abuse from people who should’ve known better—stop looking at them and look to Jesus! Jesus can help you, Jesus Christ alone.

Timmy Baze 😀


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