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Have you ever wondered if your life held any significance? Ever wondered if you played a small role in a meta-narrative included every intelligent being in the universe? Countless stories have been told about the idea of a cosmic conflict that extends beyond the borders of our planet, and even beyond our universe.  A battle rages between forces invisible to human eyes. Humans play into the story by strange coincidences arranged by those invisible forces of nature.

Sound familiar? These are the stories we tell, stories of what we surmise to be our own imaginings. But what if the reason we are so fascinated by stories like this is because somewhere deep inside our psyche we know that it’s the truth? What if there are invisible forces of good and evil fighting over the allegiance of each seemingly insignificant member of humanity?

There’s an ancient story, the first of it’s kind, to tell a story like this, and billions of people have subscribed, some partly and some completely, to its claims. It’s the story of a God who created a perfect universe that was destroyed by a loyal-subject-turned-enemy. It’s the story of a planet who continued to choose to follow the enemy instead of the loving God who kept trying to get their attention. It’s the story of the Son of that God who volunteered to step down into the darkness of that planet to pave a way for all humanity to escape the clutches of the evil arch-nemesis. It’s the story of the Bible, and the story of Jesus.

In Christ Alone Devotions is dedicated to uplifting Jesus by digging deep into the various chapters of the Bible and revealing the big picture, then helping readers apply the basic truths of the Bible to their daily lives. We believe that the theme of the Bible is Jesus. The Old Testament points towards Him. The New Testament talks about Him. Today, in a world bombarded with the enemy’s tricks and confusions, our hope can solely lie in one place: in Christ alone.


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  4. I am so glad I found this blog. I love to write, but I never finish my articles or rarely post, and it is an inspiration to find a well organized group like yours committed to Making God Known. Be blessed.

    • Thanks so much! I wish I could say we were posting often, but at this point we’re on a hiatus since most of us are currently in our last quarter of college and are about to graduate. We do hope to begin again soon! God bless 😀

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